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The new AirShare is a 2x1 Scaling Switcher, which provides the perfect solution for smart workspaces such as boardrooms, classrooms, or any environment that benefits from content sharing. The AirShare provides simple connections via either a wireless or wired connection.

The wireless connection is standard 802.11n and supports Mircast and AirPlay. The AirShare also supports dual network capability allowing users to connect via a corporate or guest network providing the network security demanded in today workplaces.

The AirShare features a built-in scaler that supports 1080P. With its auto switch capability the AirShare allows the active HDMI signal to switch to wireless input avoiding an additional control system or manual intervention.

The unit also features low-latency mouse control for additional source selection and annotation. A Win10 extended desktop for the presentation mode allows the presenter to view information on his/her own screen, and compliance with USB HID touch technology to work with White Boards and annotation.


  • Wireless-1080P
  • Auto-Password Update
  • Real-time remote viewer
  • Preview Windows
  • Low-latency mouse control
  • HDMI Auto-switch for HuddleVU Kits
  • Segmented dual-network for guest internet
  • 3 security levels
  • Win10 extended desktop
  • White board and annotation

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