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Modular Linx System


The Modular Linx System elegantly distributes two 20 Amp AC power circuits to create a relocatable and re-usable modular power system. The system utilizes a patented locking connector designed for rugged use in a small form factor. This UL listed system can be used to distribute power to a maximum of 20 workstations on a single run.

The system is normally installed under the work surface with a power distribution box at each point of use. This system can also be used in open ceilings and walls. A minimum system will consist of an input-feed, power distribution boxes and connecting cables. Systems can also incorporate Y cables to split the system at any point along its path.


The power for the system can originate from the floor via a Smart-Way Furniture Feed Device Box or poke through; or from a pluggable single gang wall plate or directly hardwired.


The MLS-2AC2 power distribution box has a male and female connector to allow daisy chaining. It provides two 20 amp NEMA 5-20R outlets each connected to a separate circuit. Two small flanges on the top surface are provided for mounting.


The MLS-2AC2 units are interconnected with connecting cables MLS-2CC(x) where the x designates length in feet. Stock cable lengths are 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 feet. Connecting cables can be strung together to make longer cables or create a separation point.


The MLS-2TC can be inserted between any connecting cables or between a connecting cable and the input or output of any distribution box.
  • Designed for 2 to 40 AC Outlets
  • Installed as Single or as a Dual Circuit
  • UL Listed - Manufactured Wiring Systems
  • Acceptable for interrupting current (make or break) under full load
  • Connectors are fully encapsulated for reliability and safety
  • Cabling is suitable in environmental air handling spaces (plenums)
  • Eco-Friendly, Low Smoke, V0 rated, RoHS-compliant materials

Base Models

MLS-2SC-4: 4’ Long Starter Cable with Stripped End

MLS-2SC-6: 6’ Long Starter Cable with Stripped End

MLS-WP-2SO: Single Gang White Wall Plate with Modular Socket

MLS-SW-2SO: Plate for SW-DB-1HWP1D Device Box w/ Modular Socket

MLS-2CC-2: 2’ Long Connecting Cable

MLS-2CC-3: 3’ Long Connecting Cable

MLS-2CC-4: 4’ Long Connecting Cable

MLS-2CC-5: 5’ Long Connecting Cable

MLS-2CC-6: 6’ Long Connecting Cable

MLS-2CC-8: 8’ Long Connecting Cable

MLS-2TC: Tee Cable Used to Create a Fork. 1 in 2 out

MLS-2AC2: 2 Circuit - 20 Amp Power Distribution Box

MLS-2AC8: 20 Amp Power Distribution Box - 8 AC Rec, 1 Mod Plug & Socket

WM-UTC: Under Table Channel

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Modular Linx System Document Library

    • Modular Linx System Install Manual - LIT1826 Download
    • MLS-2AC8 Power Distribution Box Download
    • MLS-2AC2 Dimensioned Drawing Download
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    • Modular Linx System Spec Sheet - LIT1805B Download

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