Smart-Way On-Floor Raceway

The Intelligent Choice For On-Floor Wire Management

Our brand-new floor wire management system installs on top of any flooring for a quick installation. Do more with less, with 12 unique parts to configure an entire system. The system has the capacity to hold (14) 12 Smart Way On Floor Raceway PartsAWG (.130” diameter) power conductors, and (9) CAT 5E (.215” diameter), or (5) CAT 6A (.250” diameter) data cables, and is sold in 6-foot sections. The Smart-Way is a way to provide power and data, but also clean up messy cables and wires. Available in two color options, aluminum and slate powder.

The Smart-Way on-floor raceway gets cables where they’re needed. The raceway is intended for offices, conference rooms, collaborative work environments, or anywhere wire management is desired. Wire space will never be an issue with the Smart-Way system since the raceway compartments provide ample space for power, communications and A/V connectivity. 

The Smart-Way is only ½” high, ADA compliant, available in slate-grey or bright aluminum finishes, and is sold in 6-foot sections. Its design includes centering V-grooves in the track to locate pilot/clearance holes for securing fasteners – adding to the ease of installation, and an optional Elbow Kit is available to make 45 or 90-degree angles that don’t compromise the minimal bend radius of wire.

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Smart-Way Stick Document Library

Smart-Way Document Library

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    • SW-TEE Installation Instructions - LIT1776A Download
    • SW-FCT-SLT Power & Data Box Installation Instructions - LIT1778 Download
    • SW-T123 Smartway Installation Instructions - LIT1771 Download
    • SW-DB-HPP Raceway Electrical Box to Power Pole (2 Gang) Installation Instructions - LIT1775B Download
    • SW-PKF-SFIT4 Poke-Thru Transition Fitting Installation Instructions - LIT1779 Download
    • SW-WF-RIN Rough-In Box Installation Instructions - LIT1786 Download
    • SW-WF-RINLP Rough-In Wall Feed Box Installation Instructions - LIT1787 Download
    • SW-IDB Raceway Electrical Box (2 & 3 Gang) Installation Instructions - LIT1801 Download

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