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    Table Connectivity

Dual In-Table Box


The Symphony Dual In-Table boxes provide an attractive solution for any conference room or workspace. Both models feature AC Power and USB Charging with options for Cat-6A, HDMI pass through and VGA connections, and allow easy access to power charging and AV connections. Standard models can be ordered with up to three AC outlets, two USB charging ports, and two low voltage openings. Symphony In-Table boxes are compatible with FSR Simple Solutions - a wide variety of interconnect solutions for virtually any AV interface application, and Hubbell™ keystone style snap in connectors.

The “DIN” models are dual door boxes that allow users access to the connector ports on either side of the table. The access doors on the units can be closed when not in use leaving a sleek uncluttered work surface. Both models have a toolless drop-in installation and can be installed within minutes.

Base Models

Frame A
2AC with 1 Snap-In or 2AC with 1 USB Charger.

Frame B - 2AC
1 USB Charger - 1 Snap-In or 3AC with 1 USB Charger.

Frame C - 2AC
1 USB Charger - 2 Snap-In; 2AC - 2 USB Chargers - 1 Snap-In; 3AC - 1 USB Charger - 1 Snap-In or 2AC - 1 USB Charger - 1 VGA - 2 Snap-In.

Frame D
4AC - 1 USB Charger - 1 Snap-In; 3AC - 1 USB Chargers - 2 Snap-In; 3AC - 2 USB Charger - 1 Snap-In; 4AC - 1 USB Charger; 3AC - 1 USB Charger - 1VGA - 1 Snap-In or 3AC with 2 USB Chargers.

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Dual In-Table Boxes Document Library

    • Table Connectivity Brochure - LIT1187M Download
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    • SYM-DIN-2AC-1CA-2SS Specifications Download
    • SYM-DIN-2AC-1CA Specifications Download
    • SYM-DIN-2AC-1SS Specifications Download
    • SYM-DIN-2AC-2CA-1SS Specifications Download
    • SYM-DIN-3AC-1CA-1SS Specifications Download
    • SYM-DIN-3AC-1CA-1VGA-1SS Specifications Download
    • SYM-DIN-3AC-1CA-2SS Specifications Download
    • SYM-DIN-3AC-1CA Specifications Download
    • SYM-DIN-3AC-2CA-1SS Specifications Download
    • SYM-DIN-3AC-2CA Specifications Download
    • SYM-DIN-4AC-1CA-1SS Specifications Download
    • SYM-DIN-4AC-1CA Specifications Download
    • SYM-DIN Specifications Download

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