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HuddleVU Dual Legacy Kit

18175 HV-DLKT-CT6

The Dual Legacy kit comes complete with all the necessary hardware, including a Harmony table box available in a choice of finishes, a switcher and all required cables finished with color coded end rings to designate proper cable to switching connections. With CEC and auto sense, simplicity is the key with the HuddleVU Kits. As each user connects, the system will automatically switch to the correct input or use the simple push buttons. Each package can be upgraded with optional retractors.

The accompanying DV-MFSW-21CEC is HDMI, VGA and Audio to HDMI switcher. This switcher has 1 HDMI input supporting resolutions up to 4k x 2k @ 30Hz and 1 VGA (HD-15) input supporting resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz. The DV-MFSW-21A has a locking 12v power supply and can be controlled via front panel push-buttons, contact closure, or RS-232 via Phoenix 3-pin, or Auto-Sensing. The DV-MFSW-21A provides LED Feedback for contact closures.

What's In the Box

HuddleVU Dual Legacy Kit – Cable Pull Version

CT6-2B-ALM or CT6-2B-BLK

DV-MFSW-21CEC 2X1 PC and HDMI - Multi Control Auto Switcher

T6-LB-AC2CH - T6 AC Charge Bracket with 2 AC and 2 USB

T6-HSB-2SS - Bracket For 2 Snap-In Jacks

Instructional Insert Card Installed in Cover

T6-LB-UN Universal Insert


Cables Included: : One 10’ HDMI Cable
One 10’ VGA Cable M/M
One 10’ HDMI Output Cable
Switch / Lamp Cable

Upgrades & Accessories

HuddleVU Dual Legacy Kit – Retractor Upgrade
Assembled with 2 color coded end rings to designate proper cable to switching connections.
Includes all items above plus T6-LB-RTMKT - T6 Large Bracket Retractor Mount.

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